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Product Management

With the proliferation of cloud computing, organizations no longer need large capital expenditure to deploy IT solutions that help them scale their business. CPI provides the full breadth of IT solutions and services, with a comprehensive approach that includes agile, adaptable cloud services, and specialized software solutions that address operations, financial, and customer facing challenges

Here’s how CPI can help:

  • Business Understanding: We begin by analyzing your organization and goals from a holistic perspective. Our goal isn’t simply to give you a digital or technology presence, but rather to make sure that that presence is hyper-relevant and effective for your core business. It is that comprehensive approach to technology that has kept CPI at the forefront of technology services for over a decade.
  • Opportunity Analysis: The goal of the opportunity analysis is to create a process for management to better understand the market segments that they operate it, what opportunities exist for exploitation, and what opportunities might arise in the future. By understanding the opportunity landscape for your business, CPI tailors its application design and execution to be malleable enough to be able to pivot as new opportunities arise in the future.
  • Engineer & Build The Solution: CPI’s product design and development team gets to work on building the right application solution for your business in compliance with the insight cultivated through the prior steps of business and opportunity analysis. CPI transforms the strategic plan into a deployable solution across mobile, desktop, appliance, and internal systems platforms, laying the technology cornerstones for your business.
  • Track the Results and Cultivate Insight: Keep your finger on the pulse of application performance with CPI’s Analytics platform. Analyze the efficacy of the execution in retrospect against forecasts and assumptions and be able to pivot accordingly. CPI’s goals include continued support for all engagements and executions, and our analytics platform allows management unprecedented insight.

CPI’s Application Arsenal:

  • Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry)
  • Mobile Optimized Web Applications (HTML5)
  • Desktop Based Web Applications (e-Commerce, Database, Internal Operations Platforms, ERP Platforms: Financial/Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales and Service, CRM, Project Managements, Data Services)
  • Industrial Appliance Applications (Manufacturing, Shipping, Supply-Chain Consolidation).


  • Complimentary One-Hour Consultation and Analysis Report
  • Business Strategy Assessment
  • Application Specification Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Vendor Analysis and Selection
  • Software Development Plan
  • Hosting Analysis and Co-ordination
  • Quality Assurance
  • Monthly Technical Support

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